Birthday,New Year and Party!

Yesterday was a busy day. I woke up early to bake some cupcakes, sweet and pink, since some of my relatives would come to celebrate my oldest brothers birthday.
Today is actually the b-day, but not everyone can come to a sunday so they celebrated on saturday. We were busy all morning with preparations and some small cleanings, since I had used most of my friday to clean everything up. Then my relatives came, we ate and chatted for some time.
After eating my little sister and I left the table and played some old Super Nintendo games instead, focusing on a Flintstone game. It was fun and we made a lot of stupid mistakes and died a lot,lol, and we panicked every time their wives were approaching us XD.
We cleared the game faster than we thought, without even playing against any last boss.
The rest of the day proceeded the same way, that after playing some games we ate dessert and then we played some more again. When the time came for everyone to return home, they all wished me good luck and my grandmother made me promise to send her a postcard (not that we have any good relationship and she always mistake me for my little sister XP).

After that I had shilly-shally for  a bit but in the end hurried to take the next train to Tierp to join my friends at a Party. The party was at Johns place, first time visiting his house and it was so neat! I was so full from all the food and cake I had eaten before, so I was a bit tired at some times, and except me and Måns(=Per) everyone else were happily drinking and getting drunk.
At first I had thought of taking the last train home at 1.00 PM, but I wanted to stay longer so I changed it to going home with the first train 5.00PM instead XD And I'm so glad I did! I had such a fun time and I think they partied some more even after I left. I had some serious talk with several people. talking about the thing which happend with me and one of my friends before, and everyone supported me and said a lot of nice things to me. We also talked a lot about me moving to Japan in a week (which I still can't belive). when leaving I hugged everyone several times, especially Mörkel, think she gave me a hug more than 10times, and her dark spirit just become so cute! she felt like a little girl which I wanted to pat on the head XD maybe it was because I was going to leave...or becuase of the alcohol,lol.
I left together with Mirja and Torbjörn. The weather was cold, with very strong winds. It took us a long time to walk the way to the trainstation, and with in his Torbjörns drunk state and never ending hickups it was a bit scary, especially when he were walking that heavy bicycle. Mirja didn't follow me all the way to the trainstation, but when we said goodbye as well, she hugged me not several times like Mörkel, but very hard and loving, made me feel embarassed and moved.
At the trainstation I was lucky that the train were already there and that I was able to jump on right away, instead of waiting outside in the cold for half an hour. I said goodbye to Torbjörn and he hurried home to his and Mirjas place.
The train ride were nice, I had a good manga volume to read so the time flew by quick.
After coming home I read some more manga, fixed some things and then went to sleep some time after 6.00PM
It was such a great night, even if I had almost been awake for a whole day.

Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention, yesterday was the Persian new year.
Not sure how it is spelled, but
 EIDET MOBARAK = happy new year! ^0^

Now to Sunday.
I woke up after 13.00 and took it slow before fully waking up. I ate breakfast, played some cards with my mother and sister, read some manga and then fixed myself to together with my whole family go out and eat. Since today as mentioned was my oldest brothers birthday, and not any birthday, but his 30TH BIRTHDAY!! We were supposed to have a party, but we had to cancel it and are now moving it forward a month or so (which mean I will miss it =< ) we went to a fancy Greece restaurant, with a slippy floor which almost made all guests trip, though never witnessed anyone actually falling. It was nice eating out together with everyone for a change, especially with Pojan, my other brother, joining us. We all had some very tasty Tzatsiki and as for main dish I had a  delicious fish, so good! None of us had ordered any dessert, all to full from the other dishes, but when the waited came to ask if we wanted any, I asked if they had anything special for my brother, since it was his birthday and all. The waiter shined up and asked if he wanted anything, like some ice-cream, and so my brother got it for free! That waiter were very nice and fun, wanted us to take a picture with him and my brother when he served the ice-cream XD Even before he had given us some extra Tzatsiki and potatoes.
Really glad we ate there ^^

After that Pojan left and we drove home. On the way we played some fun guessing games, like coming up with a theme and trying to find a matching song to it. We do these kind of games a lot, it makes the ride so much faster and nicer.
 Home again we decided to continue with some games and later on I sang some singstar with my sister as well. 
This was my weekend, and it have been so enjoyable that I feel very lucky to have been able to do so much and meet so many people I like. This upcoming week will be more stressful than every, with the packing, buying stuff and last arrangements of my farewell-party. I really hope I will finish all I need to do before friday, so I can take it easy my last days in the country.

One more week....and then I'm gone to Japan!
It really is unbelievable.


Japanese storybooks

I borrowed some japanese storybooks from the library before, to learn from real old tales about how to write my own japanese practice stories. I read these four books with about 5~8 stories in each.
Some of the stories I had read before in english, others are really famous and have appeared in manga or other consistency.
It was really fun to read them.
Some were lovely and heroic, others were a bit short and hard to understand and others  were just weird. Most of them, like child stories or myths should be, had a meaning full concept, teaching about greediness, belifes, love, wisdom and what happens when you brake a promise. In a lot of the stories, the character didn't get a name but just a term of address, like an old man being called just old man (oji-san), and many stories were about them too,lol.
In some the stories seemed pretty half done, or like they suddenly changed the focus to one thing, and when that one ended the whole story ended, when they should have switched back to the main thing.

A bit repeating, but it was really fun to read about these
. A good way to test your japanese level and how much you understand about the japanese culture. And as all people, you learn what you should and should not do, and can you ever get enough of that  ( / .^ v  ^)/ lol


Drawing : Medusas Soul manga chapter 1

Here is another 8pages from the same Medusa manga. After finding out about the real way to do it, I decided to do the first chapter of the manga and this time take my time to plan the story board and finish all pages. So I gave this one a time limit of one week, or rather, I finished it in a week :P
The whole first day went to planning of the story and sketching all pages. And the rest of the week went to ink it all. At that time, I remember getting some real and great motivation, in a way I had never had before for drawing. I felt just like I had this great amount of time to use and it was just strange that I had not used it for drawing before.  So anyway, here is the first chapter.

Story: A young magician is on the run from some guards. He flees into a block and summons a teleportion, but before he get's a chance to jump into it a woman stands in his way and ask him to take her with him. Before the magician get's a chance to teleport, the guards arrive again. Being weakened from before and for keeping the teleport up, the woman decides to help the magician and in so turns the guards into stone. She then declares herself as Medusa. The young magician finds this useful and accept Medusas company into the teleport. Happy as well, Medusa gives the magician a pair of glasses to protect him from her petrify power. Before leaving the young magician also tells Medusa to call him Yuuji, instead of "Dear magician".

So, this is the whole beginning of their meeting, and the boy also got his name, which never came out in the prologue. I like the difference from the first chapter, in which Yuuji feels like the one in control and standing over Medusa, but her Medusa feels more powerful than Yuuji. But with Yuujis little smirk, he brings the feeling once again as being a bit in control. This makes me intrigued to portrait their battle of power, and not in the way of a battle but through mental control.


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Drawing : Medusas Soul manga prologue

As a bit promised, I will post some drawings, and more, a short first chapter of a manga^^
There is a prologue episode before this one on 7pages. When I first started it I tried an experiment after hearing about a lesson one of my friends had done in his comic school. After wards I heard that I had done it totally wrong,lol, explaining many of the things I had a hard time with =_=
I thought I was supposed to draw a manga page without any plans about what it should be about and developing the story as I continued to draw the next pages, and that I only had 1h on each page. This sounded hard from the beginning and I'm used to over plan and think before drawing and haven't really drawn with a time limit before. But at the same time it sounded pretty fun.
The real lesson which I heard about the day after was that the class had been giving a whole day to work on the comic, which would be on 24 pages, meaning you should split it up like 1h for each page to be able to finish it in time, and of course you should put a lot of time into coming up with the story plan. >_<
But anyway, before I knew this I did it the way I mentioned first.
So I took a day, decided that I would draw 6 pages( but ended up being 7) and just got to work. I made two fast character designs : A girl with long black hair and a boy with short light hair. I had no idea what the story would be about, but with the time limit I just had to hurry and come up with something and this is what it become:

Prologue Story:  A girl and a boy meets at a distant place. The girl have been made to do different kind of missions for the boy and have finally found the thing he wants, the "Medusa's soul Crystal". The girl is then about to leave and feel relieved about her missions being over and that she may now be able to die. But then the boy embrace her from behind and tell her to remember, and so she does. she remembers that she is actually Medusa and that her death wish isn't her own, but the boys wish. The boy bow in front of the girl and ask her to use the power of Medusa to turn him into stone. She fulfill his wish after taking back her erring and the glasses, which had the power to protect from Medusa petrify power. END

A lot of the lines through the pages differs from the others since I was in a haste to come up with a story. I think the same can been seen with the pages, since many of them haven't been completed or parts which haven't even been inked, and now I wish I had drawn many things different. But I'm still kinda proud over this, since I don't think I have drawn so much in a day and especially never drawn so many manga pages in just one day. And I also liked the fact that I didn't copy anything from any other mangas, but I made it all myself. Even hands and different angles which I suck at was something I didn't avoid, but tried my best to draw.
 And me criticizing it is just normal, since I really can't be 100% pleased with anything I do,lol, and  I'm a real perfectionism ^_~

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(no subject)

Yay, the awards are out and this year best lead actor seiyu is....ONO DAISUKE!!!! <3
I'm so glad, he was one of the candidate I was rooting for (the other one being Nakamura Yuuichi) and thinking deserves to win after everything he has been up to through this year. At the 2nd seiyu award he become one of 2 awarded for best male supporting role, and I think it was for his role in Susumiya Haruhi as Kozumi.  I think for this time he mostl won because of his demon butler role in Kuroshitsuji as Sebastian. (btw, for those who don't know,when it comes to anime, it is a trend that the butlers are called Sebastian :P )

Here are some of the great roles he have been doing 2009-2010:
(of course he had many wonderful roles before that as well,lol)

Kuroshitsuji - sebastian
Pandora Hearts - Jack Bezarius
Hanasakeru Seishounen - Vorkan Eugene de Alexandre
Miracle Train - Tsukushima Izayoi
11eyes -  Satsuki Kakeru
Umineko no naku koro ni - Ushiromiya Battler
Durarara - Heiwajima Shizou (airing)

Final Fantasy XIII - Snow
Neo Angelique - Hyuga
World Destruchtion - Naja
Vitamin X -  Hajime Kusanagi

Drama CD:
Starry Sky - Tohzuki Suzuya (Cancer)
Hello Again - Ichi
KissXKiss collection - Butler Kiss (a sort of Kuroshitsuji Sebastian copy)

Dear Girl story - Radio show together with Kamiya Hiroshi (Last years best male seiyu) Together they have also released CD's for this show and just the other day they released another one called Netsuai SOS.

Ono has also for some years released his own CDs, meaning that beside all his great character song, he has his own as well. That gives all his song a kind of base, just like when you hear a seiyus speaking normal, and compare it to the roles he/she has done, his own songs makes it also fun to compare his different singing styles. As a great seiyu, he posses the ability to bring out his character in his song. Many of the characters that Ono voices have ended up being my favorites, and I think Onos great voice have a card in it all, making me *cough* fall in love with the characters. And I love how he really bring forward his sweet personality when he is just himself, making it even more enjoyable to watch him in different live events, his music videos and interviews. He is just clearly one Seiyu I really like ^w^
And with this award, he will get even more publicity and even more roles so a big hurray for that! Through the last two years Ono Daisuke has been riding a nice flow, and I really hope he will continue doing the same this year as well. Ono, Fighto! X3

Ono Daisuke's role as Sebastian in Kuroshitsuji ( =the dark butler)

Some of the other winner this year are:

Best Supporting Actor awards:  Namikawa Daisuke (Mikage in 07-ghost , Kazehaya Shota in Kimi ni Todoke etc )
                                                           Miki Shinichiro ( Lockon in Gundam 00,  Roy Mustang in Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood etc)

Best Personality award : Oonosaka Masaya ( J.D in Neo Angelique, Momochan in Prince of Tennis etc)

Best New Actor award :  Abe Atsushi ( Kamijou Toma in Toaru Mahjitsu Index, Soma Kukai in Shugo Chara etc)
                                        Maeno Tomoaki ( Dojo Atsushi in Toshokan Senshou, Fujimoto Kiyokazu in Kobato  etc)

Synergi award : Gundam  = Furuya Tohru( Amuro Ray)  and Ikeda Shuuichi (Char Aznable)

Best Lead actress : Sawashiro Miyuki ( Lag seeing in Tegami Banchi, Yano Ayane in Kimi ni Todoke etc)

Oversea Fan award :
Mitsuki Saiga (Okita Souji in Peace Maker Kurogane, Wolfram in Kyou Kara Maou etc)

The rest are other female actress, and sure there are some really great female actress as well, I love many, but...they aren't as important for me as the males, except as I said the ones I really like and the ones who voice male characters XDD
All of the one I have written down are all seiyus who I really like, especially Namikawa, Miki, Oonosaka, Saiga and of course Ono Daisuke. They have all appeared in famous and great animes, and are just great persons with lovely voices.
This results are just great, even though there was some other seiyus I was rooting for, but I'm very delighted with them.
Can't wait for the special DVD from the whole event, when they will also film backstage and really follow the two Lead winners ^w^



Celebration of 2 ladies

I just came home from the not so party, but celebration of Sofie and Isabelle. We skipped the drinking and instead enjoyed our self with some games and just nice chatting. They had arranged a mixed cd with old movies, commercial and tv-shows famous melody, which we in 5 groups had to together try to remember the right ones. My team called "Genko Spanky" (-I named a penguin mobile chain that in the past, so named our team after him), consisted of Malin and Simon. We came 3rd place, so right in the middle, so it was still fine. Plus the winner team got a candy bar each, so I'm glad I didn't, since I ate so much unhealthy stuff today anyway =_=

Malin and I took a bus home after midnight, and since the bus don't go to my stop, that meant a 20-25min walk extra. In city before boarding the bus, we saw on a screen that it was -14C outside. But when I finally came home to my place, a bit over 1 Am, it was -22C outside O_O
Soo cold, and every time I had to change song on my mp3,meaning I had to remove my hand from the warm glove, it would feel like a icicle when I put it back inside! Too cold! I'm so sick of this coldness and everlasting winter, I want spring and warmth....at least I want it to be warm in Japan when I go there XD

Have been feeling feverish and sick all day, so going to collapse in my bed and sleep some now, and after this whole stress full week, it will be nice to just take it easy and try to get healthy again.
Of course there is still some things I need to do tomorrow, but I don't want to think about that now.
I just want to sleep, or watch an anime episode and after that fall into a sweet dreaming sleep :3

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Spring 2010

I got hold of a picture showing a collection of upcoming animes for April ^^
This show many of the animes I plan to watch in spring, but not all of them.
The ones I have been anticipating are:
  1. Hakuoki - adapted from otome game
  2. Starry Sky -adapted from otome drama cd related otome game
  3. Uragiri wa Boku no Name wo Shitte iru - adapted  from manga
  4. Kaichou wa Maid-sama - adapted from manga, LaLa
  5. Hetalia season 3
  6. Goulart Knights
  7. Tales of Symphonia new ova - adapted from RPG game
There are also some lined up series for July.
  1. Shiki - adapted from manga
  2. Kuroshitsuji season 2 - adapted  from manga
  3. Sengoku Basara season 2 - adapted from game

And if this wasn't enough, there are so many good movies to look forward, some that have been shown at the cinema this year, and some that will later on:
  1. Gundam 00 the movie - Gundam 00 <3
  2. Gintama the movie - special prequel, addapted  from manga,Shounen Jump
  3. Hetalia Axis power movie - adapted  from web comic
  4. Trigun movie - adapted from manga
  5. Higashi no Eden movie II - Havn't seen the first movie yet though, addapted  from manga
  6. Fate Stay Night movie - adapted from manga
Those are the ones I can remember at the moment, think there were more though,lol ^w^ Anyone coming to mind?
There is also the wonderful new Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3 OVA to look forward for. Think it have been released, but haven't been able to watch it yet.
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Nakamura Yuuichi new songs

I'm loving Nakamura Yuuichi more and more <3

He is just such a great seiyu and he is so popular right now, appearing in several animes, games and dramas, making me highly believe that he will win a price at the upcoming seiyu festival ^^
Here are some of the roles he have done:

Fairy Tail - Grey (airing)
Bleach - Muramasa (until 1month ago ;_; )
Kimi ni Todoke - Sanada Ryuu (airing)
Durarara - Kadota Kyouhei (airing)
Final Fantasy XIII - Cid
Neo Angelique - Jet
Drama CD
Starry Sky - Shiranui Kazuki (Aries)
Danna catalouge:  AB vs O Danna - Blood type O

Yesterday I got hold of Nakumaras Gundam 00 character song: Nakamura Yuuichi coming across as Graham Aker. His songs were more soft than I had imagined, but that have been the case with most of the Gundam 00 character songs so far. Both are really lovely songs^^

That was yesterday, but today I got hold of another Nakamura single:
Bleach Breathless collection 6: Muramasa, Byakuya & Zenbonzakura.
I have been waiting for this one for months! Since the first breathless cd came I prayed that Muramasa also would get a single, and later some news confirmed my dear little wish.  His song, "Requiem" is just wonderful!  And as I love, the character is singing about something related to himself, in this case Muramasa is singing about how he longed for Kouga and how he couldn't hear anything, and how nothing could be reached. And the best part is the monologue by the end of the song. It took me by suprise, a lovely one. It was the finishing point needed to enlarge Muramasas role and all his history from the serie. Especially with the filler ending about a month ago, this leaves a sort of memory oh his existence, suffering and struggle. I just love it ^0^ This is what he says:

"Sono koe wa todokenakatta,
sore wa tashika da.
Naze da?
watashi wa omae ni yobareru no wa,
zutto matte itta kara da.
Naze watashi wo tometta?
Watashi to omae no chikara ga areba,
ano toki subete wo keseta hazu.

I know that I have misspelled some words above, but that isn't the whole world right ^^; 
I wish that he could have added just one more sentence by the end, like another naze=why, which would have even stronger confirmed his despair, and made me have a heart attack of emotion overflow XD
It was the same as with Code Geass R2 Rolos character single, in which I so highly wanted him so say a last ni-san = brother, by the end of the song :/
But this doesn't bring down the song in any way, I just wanted that slight emotion attack,lol, so it is just a little point out. It feels like such a cliff hanger in the way he says it, and I wanted him to be more emotional down,lol. 
Anyway, This is a little translation of his little ending monologue.

 " That voice didn't reach,
that is certain.
I always waited for you to call for me.
Why did you stop me?
With yours and my power,
at that time, everything should have been settled.

In this song Nakamura was able to transfer Muramasa character to the song, though in the Talk Session, Nakamura says that he thinks he wasn't fully successfully with transferring Muramsas Image. But then he adds:

"Demo, ganbarimashita,tabun"  = " But I worked hard, probably" lol

At first I got a little disappointed that Nakamura didn't appear in the Talk seesion with Byakuya ( Okiya Ryoutaro) and Zenbonzakura (Hirikawa Daisuke). I though Nakamura wouldn't appear in it at all. But when it was still some time left Okiya suddenly says that it is time to say goodbye and I thought it was a bit too early. But right away it got followed up by Nakamuras wonderful voice ^w^
I really can't stop listening to his songs, and I also baked scones while listening to...-no to his song, but his Danna drama cd,lol.  Want to watch him sing live, so going to search for some viceo clips now^^




Accepted to Japanese school

I have been meaning to write a bit about how it went when I found out about the result for getting accepted to my japanese school.
And like Excalibur from Soul Eater says in his song:
"Here we go!"

It was in August that I after talking about it with Mari decided that I wanted to go to japanese school in Japan. I have always been wanting to move to Japan and have studied japanese at high school and university. So in reality I was planning to got to a manga drawing school. But after my talk with Mari I realized that I should probably study some more japanese first. So we started to search for information and schools together. We picked out some different schools and decided for the best one. After that came the real job, getting the paperwork ready. 
I got a contact person on the school which I contacted several times a week, I called to CSN about financial aid for students several times as well and I even had some problems with the japanese immigrations office >_> sound serious, but it was only about their view point of CSN, so it was sorted out pretty fast. It took me about all September to finish my application to the school, and even after that I kept in touch with my contact person on the school, with arranging dorm room and such. He and Maris contact person fixed so that we got to be roomies,lol, so now we can enjoy a otome life together XD

I had to wait all this months for the result to come out, so I have been stressed and nervous since, september. It was said that the result would come in the beginning of April, but then later told that they would already be out on the 26th. But I had made plans over the weekend to role play together with some friends, so that I wouldn't just stay home biting of my fingernails and drowning in nervousness. Mari told me on the day before, 25th thursday, that she would get the result later that night. I asked her to send me a mail about the result so I could congratulate her in the morning. And even if I would get a mail about my result on friday, I wanted to wait until monday anyway, in case I wouldn't get in and get depressed, then my weekend would have been ruined.
As I hoped for, I got a mail from Mari on friday morning titled "Spoiler warning* . This got me wondering and a voice inside told me " could it be..." I read the mail and as I had believed, Mari of course had gotten accepted. A few lines down she wrote *Spoiler warning* and had left some space. Since Mari knew about how I didn't want to find out about the result before the weekend, I knew she would never write something like I didn't get accepted in the mail. And no matter how you saw it, all the clues was showing for the great result for me as well.
So I scrolled down and in a big red  sentence  it said : " YOU GOT ACCEPTED TOO!!!!" O______________O
...I got shocked and made a little kiya. Then I ran to my mother sitting in the living room sofa and hugged her saying that "I got in" and my mother repeated "you got in?!" and showed her happiness. My sister, half dead and newly awake hugged me and said congratulation.
I was just overwhelmed and still couldn't believe it.  I also checked my other mail then, to check if I had gotten any mail from my contact person. He wrote about six short sentences, half of them were just greetings and his name. The other was my student-ID and something about the document he had attached to the mail. The document was about my visa and tuition fee =_= 
The first lines went like this: " today we have applied for your ~something~ visa. Congratulation!"
...he could at least have said that I got accepted in the mail, I thought out relationship was stronger than that,X0 lol.

But still...I got accepted! And that was the absolute most important thing  ^______________^
I sent sms to my friends, who all congratulated me, some even calling and yelling high " congratulation!" ( GRATTIS!) 
This had been the biggest waiting result in my life, for the biggest step in life.  So it took me a long time to melt the news, and I'm still melting it down even now. It just feels like all my nervousness is flying of from my shoulder every time I repeat to myself the fast that I
got accepted to my school, and that I'm moving to Japan, the land I have been dreaming to visit and move to for more than 8years.

But the stress and nervousness are once again returning to me,lol, since there are so many things to fix and do before the end of this month. The first and important thing being the paper works to CSN and the school. So I can't relax. Beside that I have a lot of stuff I need to buy, I need to get another vaccination and..@___@ ahh, I don't want to think about it anymore! =_=
But can't stop thinking about it either,lol. Ah, I need to study more too O_O

I got my schedule for the whole year from the school today. Seeing all the holidays made my spirit lift a bit,lol. It also had a overnight trip marked out, can't wait to find out more about that. The summer vacation starts a bit late, so I will have to consider when I will take a home visit. I really want to come back in June to see my little sisters graduation and all ;_;
Another thing I got from my contact person today was the sad news that when I arrive in Japan I will have to wait for 12h before I can move into my dorm T___T what will I do all night in a foreign country? I guess one nice thing would be seeing the sunset on my first day there and maybe I can find a nice manga cafe to stay in all night XP
Have to wait and see, not the first thing to worry about. And in one way or another, everything will be alright. I'm moving to the country of my dreams, only that makes it all feel great ^^

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(no subject)

Today I could finally sleep for a long time. Since the stress from before when I was nervous for the results made it hard for me to sleep and I couldn't sleep much either, it felt good to just chill for a bit. I was busy all weekend with the role playing - which I have planned to write about, but still haven't gotten the time to do yet. (Will try to write about it in the morning, since I also have other stuff I want to talk about^^)
The whole monday was mostly running around in town on different errands all day, while getting hit by the snowstorm (was so freezing!).
I also think I'm starting to catch my mothers cold, since I have been feeling a bit feverish now and then and just need to rest after doing things, but I can deal with that. The pain in my ear is killing me more >_<
apparently the problem with me rubbing my teeth's can have an affect on my ear as well, so now my whole ear hurts the whole time, especially when I'm eating or opening my mouth T_T

I used the day to prepare some documents for Japan, sending mails to my contact person and CSN. Also paid the tuition fee and dormitory fee, or rather my Mother paid it until I get my allowance from CSN and can pay her back ^^;
Thank you Mamma, a real life saver and as lovely as always <3
I also took the time today to borrow my sisters pc ( which used to belong to both of us, my dear computer Nisse)  and scanned in some more old drawings. It sucks that most of my drawings are really light and become very pale on the pc.,but I want o be able to look at all of my drawings that I have done through the year, even when I move to Japan. So until I can get all of my drawing-books to Japan, this will just have to do.  I managed to scan about 200 drawings today, but there is still so many more  to go =_____=

I think I  will try to upload some of the drawings that can be seen, since I seldom show my works it may be a little nice change of pace. But, don't take my word serious, since I always want to post and do a lot of things, but have a hard time seeing it through. One of my bad habits that I try work on everyday, so I can change it and just get more stuff done instead of putting them on hold. But at the same time, it really can't be helped, there is just too much things to do, and always will. But I guess it all comes down to doing what I can do and what needs to be done at the moment. And one of those things should be done about now....being that I need to sleep u__u
Ahh, sweet sleeping time~ I really love to sleep and I even more love to dream.
My dreams almost always end up interesting, containing all kinds of different elements. I love when I dream about an anime/ manga , or when I dream funny things about my friends, or just stuff reflecting my day or feelings.
Sometimes it can be a pain dreaming as well, of course that means nightmares. But actually, more than that, I hate dreaming embarrassing stuff. Like suddenly appearing in school without your pants, or making a stupid judgment in a situation and such. I guess that reflect some of my daily worries,lol ^^;;,
But still, dreams are just wonderful. I guess I'm a dreamy person, haha. I enjoy dreams in the same way I enjoy watching the sky:
It is something I can always look forward to, knowing that the same kind of dream /sky will not appear again. It may appear in shapes that resembles one you have seen before, but it has the feeling saying:

" I'm here this time only, so watch me"

Hehe, I guess my half awake state makes me ramble about stuff again...or wait, that is what I always do XDD
But still, I want to dream right away now. And I want to watch a beautiful sky. So damn you snow weather, be gone tomorrow! >_<

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